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I am happy to help!!
One special aspect of Urban Details is outstanding customer service.  A component of that is to provide guidance and assistance to my customers when purchasing a gift. In order to recommend the perfect gift, I need to know a little info about the recipient.  I created the form below in a desire to understand and assess their likes, interests and dislikes.  The questions about physical appearance relate to jewelry – skin color, hair color/length and overall physique are taken into consideration when recommending the perfect piece of jewelry.  Once you complete the form, I will respond with a few options for you to consider, with no obligation to purchase.

If you’d like to discuss this gift with me personally, you can call me (848.480.2683). I’ll be happy to discuss gift options with you.
It gives me great joy to guide and assist my customers in finding the perfect gift for their loved ones, including themselves!
Kelly Lipfert, Owner & Creator
Urban Details - Personal Shopper


Gender of person you are buying for?
Approximate Age of Recipient
Style (Classic, Trendy, Bohemian, etc)
Price Range
Did you have a specific gift category (necklace, earrings, frame, home decor, inspirational, etc) in mind?
Hair Color and Length (important if interested in jewelry)
Skin Tone - fair, medium, dark (Important if interested in jewelry)
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